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Company Profile

V & R Technology Net specializes in VR / AR hardware and software development and industry solutions to promote. The company is the industry's first batch of technology companies, the core technology, including the original Zhejiang University teachers, Siemens R & D center experts, Netease game experts, and Zhejiang University, Hong Kong University, Shandong University, Zhongshan University VR laboratory technology research and development cooperation. At present the company in the cloud habitat town, and in Guangzhou, Shaoxing has a branch.

The company's equipment and programs used in tourism, entertainment, real estate, training and other fields, the current service customers, including Vanke, Intime, Hang Seng Electronics, Red Bull, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Qinhuai River Scenic Area, Qiandao Lake Tourist Resort, Jianlan Middle School Junlan Hotel Group and so on. Company program will be used in the future of the vast virtual shopping, virtual social, virtual tourism and other fields. The delegation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the mayor of Hangzhou, the mayor of Chengdu and other leaders have experienced the company's products, the company also won the China Innovation Competition and many other awards.

development path

May 2015 to set up a company

2016 in May by Hangzhou where the network Technology Co., Ltd. venture capital

January 2017 set up a subsidiary of Shaoxing Shaoxing virtual of the Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

March 2017 set up a subsidiary of Lin'an Department of Hangzhou Han Feng Fang Shi Technology Co., Ltd.

Core Technology

(Without a sense of restraint) to the virtual reality to enhance the interactive reality experience, VR peripheral solutions, to the user more realistic experience, free to walk freely, free activities and other actions, And realizes the experience of real-time synchronization operation in the virtual reality environment by detecting the activities in the virtual reality environment by detecting the action capture device mapping.

Business scope

Service products: VR industry solutions, VR experience museum, VR equipment.


Equipment products: mainly VIAWALK in situ walker, VR dynamic cycling, VR-family body chair, and so on.



Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium - sized Enterprises

2016 China ‧ Qiandao Lake Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition won the first prize

2016 Fosun "Star Future INNOSTAR" Global Entrepreneurial Innovation Competition Champion Unit

In 2016 the fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) won the eighth

Won the Hong Kong CHINA, DAILY selected the year the most innovative hardware products

Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, Alibaba Group hosted the 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Assembly, and become the only designated VR manufacturers

Dream Dream Valley Trademark Registration 1 item

Independent research and development of patented technology 6

Hangzhou Yunqi Assembly, as the only VR manufacturers